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Poland's most commercially successful shop platform

IdoSell is Poland's most sales-effective shop platform. GMV of its customers is more than PLN 16 billion. It offers merchants the latest technology that comprehensively support sales in Poland and the cross-border model.

The most effective solution for the tourism industry

Booking system and channel manager for the short-term rental industry. Helps with professional, fast and contactless guest service. Allows you to create your own website, integrates with popular services and payment operators.

The most comprehensive e-payment system

A payment system that provides fast, secure transactions using the 3DS and PCI protocols. It features 1Click Checkout. Supports the processing and settlement of transactions in different currencies and a subscription model.

Hungarian e‑commerce market leader

Hungarian shop platform that offers a wide range of solutions for local e‑commerce. Its services are used by more than 5,500 online shops, making it a leader in its home market.

The most efficient solution for building e‑commerce traffic

Agency supporting online shop owners in effectively and efficiently reach consumers. It provides services in the following areas: SEO, advertising Google, Allegro and Meta, content marketing and conversion optimization.

Polish shop platform for large online shops

SaaS-based e‑commerce platform creating solutions for large online shops, developed since 2010. It offers comprehensive services in analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of online shops.

We are the market leader in new technologies

We have 23 years of experience in e-business

We combine good quality with a personal commitment to our clients' business development.

22 BN


68+ MM

transactions per year

8+ k

online shops


experts at your disposal

We represent more than 10% of
e‑commerce market

We combine good quality with a personal commitment to the business development of our customers.

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