About IAI (IdoSell)

IAI is a leader in providing e-commerce technology for IdoSell online shops and IdoBooking online booking systems. In doing so, we serve companies throughout the European Union, mainly in Germany, the Czech Republic, the UK, France, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and Romania, as well as the USA.

We offer two main services. At IdoSell, our customers are online stores and wholesalers. At IdoBooking, customers are the owners of apartments (from one to many), holiday homes and small hotels or hostels.
We have been constantly developing in the e-commerce industry since 2000. We are located in Szczecin, where a team of 170 specialists dedicated to e-commerce and customers works on an area of 2,200 square meters. What characterizes our systems:

  • We provide a system fully based on the SaaS model. This is unique because usually SaaS systems are very simple services. Ours is a complete work environment for our clients, providing complete service administration panels.
  • Secure server and software infrastructure that allows us to achieve high business efficiency. This means that the system maintenance costs are many times lower than in analogous solutions. At the same time, we offer extensive and comprehensive services, so that small businesses can start their work right from the target system.
  • Possibility of having your own independent website, which can be launched based on a standard template or fully personalized. We employ several dozen graphic designers and webmasters on site, which allows us to implement one stop implementations for demanding clients.
  • Constantly optimized and refined, secure purchasing process, including payments and logistics, and in the case of Booking service for guests.
  • Proprietary system of settlements with clients, enabling the offer of optional value-added services, i.e. internet payments, additional services, advertising, courier services, traffic from marketplaces and OTA.
  • Our systems are open according to the Open SaaS ™ principle. Thanks to this, developers can use various APIs dedicated to specific needs, expand the system with their own modules or integrate them in any way. The APIs are versioned, well documented and included in the price of the service.
  • Connection with all services important to our clients, mostly through web-services and API.

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