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Privacy and Safety Policy in the

IAI Co., headquartered in Szczecin (Poland), provides software for on-line stores conducted by third-party companies. We know that the information, that are stored in on-line shops, are owned by their customers, so we attach a lot of attention and care to the security and confidentiality. All data stored in databases are considered confidential. Information collected through different forms of contact, demonstration materials procurement and demo shops orders are used to prepare sales proposals and for marketing purposes only.

All employees or persons cooperating with IAI Co., before gaining access to confidential data, must sign a Nondisclosure Agreement for Registered Confidential Information, which obliges them to keep attained information in secret forever, even after leaving our company. Under these agreements, sharing of confidential information is prohibited. In the case of information disclosure or exposing customers to financial loss, these employees and cooperators will bear full legal and material responsibility for such deeds. Ban for data reproduction and storing on private media applies both to our employees and collaborators.

Selected IAI Co. employees have access to administration panels. Each entry to the client administration panel recorded in the store event log. Internal visiting policy assumes that customers administration panels are used only to grant commercial or technical advice. Selected IAI Co. employees have also access to backups that may be used to undo harmful changes. If the module offers saving the history of changes, then changes made by the IAI Co. maintenance staff are marked as "IAI Co. Support".

Various clients data are stored in independent databases and directories. Other customers have no access to data held by another entity.

IAI Co. collects the history (logs) of events and traces left by shoppers using We do this only in order to properly administer the server and carry out surveys, in particular - to analyze the statistics and measure the traffic generated by each customer. Web server logs - after generating the statistics - are not collected or further processed. operation is also based on the mechanism of so-called cookies. These are text files created on your computer by a program running on the server. Cookies are completely safe for both you and your computer. The transition between your store pages or administration panel allows the system to read them and identify you as a specific user. Use of Cookies does not allow to exploit any information from your computer. Store uses cookies to identify user sessions. Other information are stored on the server. Cookies can be - at any time - removed from your computer by using a web browser options and settings. You can also block cookies in your browser, but it may cause a situation that not all of our services will be available for use.

Each of stores has a SSL account launched, utilization of which is enforced by use of the administration panel. If you do not order your own SSL certificate (additional cost) then the IAI Co. default SSL certificate is used. This certificate has to be current (not exceeded the period of validity) and signed by authorized authorization center (Equifax Secure eBusiness Inc.). If you suspect that someone uses fake store to intercept your passwords (it is called phishing), just check data from the SSL certificate.

IAI Co. never uses the customer contact details for marketing purposes - in particular does not send them unsolicited e-mails or call them for advertising purposes. It is prohibited and technically impossible to provide access to the customer administration panel so that he could not notice the entry to his users database in the panel history log.

IAI Co. employees contact with a client handled by the owner of the shop only at the express request and when the information supplied by the client are inconsistent or do not allow to identify the source of the problem. If contact occurs in a form other than with use of the IAI Ticketing System, operation may require additional identification data or it will be denied to execute under commands given by someone other than the shop owner - like in situation when his employee is asking for additional access rights without knowledge of employer.

Data of customers, who are buying using the, may be disclosed by IAI Company only to authorized state organizations after a reasoned request has been shown. If state authorities requesting the information are not asking otherwise, the customer will be informed about this fact immediately upon the request receipt.

IAI Co. is not responsible for any errors made by shopkeepers using the, especially when their own rules of confidentiality of collected information will not be retained. In particular, we discourage the use of a single user account control panel, saving and publicizing the password and other access information (such as logins, pins etc.). We do not also recommend sending your password over the Internet in the form of e-mails or using instant messaging services to do so.

IAI Co. is not responsible for the privacy policy of third-party websites. In particular, we are not responsible for the collection of information made by entities such as on-line malls, price comparers, auction sites, payment intermediaries. Use of external services is based on these companies security policies, that are voluntary accepted by the shop owner.

IAI Co. advises users, who use the computer with other people, that they should utilize the logout option at the end of shopping, to prevent others from gaining access and previewing your settings or using them in a manner inconsistent with the it's owner will. In order to remove the information stored in the buffer memory, we recommend removing the browser history of pages viewed and other files stored in the cache.

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