IAI Mission and Vision

IAI mission

Our mission is to make online shopping the most popular form of commerce. We build our solutions to set trends in the ecommerce landscape and to become the leading supplier of IT services for online sellers.

IAI philosophy

We form a creative symbiosis with our clients through listening to their needs and years of experience in delivering outstanding solutions. We constantly strive to improve our services and create new, effective alternatives for outdated technology. This puts our clients in front of their competition.

Our personal dedication and professionalism in delivering services are the source of high client satisfaction. We dedicate ourselves to creating complex and unique solutions that help support our clients' success. We treat every challenge presented by either our clients or the ecommerce landscape itself, as an opportunity for growth and getting closer to perfection.

IAI Abbreviation

AI is a commonly used abbreviation derived from the first letters of the English words - Artificial Intelligence. AI is an attempt to recreate the innate intelligence of animals in the electronic circuits of computers. The letter I before AI is the first letter of the global computer network system - the Internet. According to our philosophy, IAI is an AI species living in the Internet, and also the name of the family of our systems.

IAI-DO: I-consist, AI-harmony, DO-path.
A path of running a modern, harmonious business - that is the early Japanese philosophy of IAI-DO