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A complete change of the Affiliate Program principles from August 1, 2018.

We present new, completely changed IAI Affiliate Program terms and conditions, i.e. a partner program in which partners such as agencies can perform implementations together and wait for additional benefits. Below we present the most important changes - please read them thoroughly because they are relevant and certainly do concern you.

First of all, thank you for being our partner. For the 5 years of this program, we have listened closely to the market, including yours and other partners' needs. It resulted in changes which can be summarised in two points below:

1. Complete change in the rules of paying the commission for IdoSell Shop

So far, the payment commission has been settled as 2% of the customer's payments. Now it will be as much as 20%, but it will only be counted from the subscription fee. However, the time of paying the commission out is shortened, up to 24 months after the activation of the recommended service.

The current formula was based on a payment commission. Seemingly modest amount resulted from the fact that the customer could use, for example, only IAI Pay or other low-margin product. Raising the commission would mean that in case of some merchants we could pay extra to the customer, offering up to 4% commission. With this in mind, we have planned and are just introducing this highly anticipated change that brings our affiliate program closer to how the entire industry works. The change favors active partners who try to constantly recommend IdoSell services, at least once every few months acquiring a customer for our service. Thanks to this - they will always have several customers for a 20% commission from the subscription. However, because the commission is substantial, we can not pay it indefinitely.

If you currently have customers who you have recommended IdoSell Shop to, and the activation of their service took place within 24 months from the entry of new terms into force, your commission will also be 20%. However, you will stop receiving a commission from customers who have been activated later than in the last 24 months. Yet, because we have always communicated that the Affilate Program is dedicated to active partners, we consider this type of change to be a positive one.

The change will work in a similar way for IdoSell Booking, but in this case we have already paid 10% of the payments, due to the fact that the subscription is the main fee in this service. Now it will be as much as 20% of the subscription.

2. The end of the opportunity to provide technical support as the basic IdoSell Shop support

The previous major change in the IAI Affiliate Program regarding IdoSell Shop eliminated the ability to choose the partner providing the basic technical support. Instead of a separate support fee, we remunerated the partner by sharing a percentage of subscription paid by the supported customer. As the percentage from the subscription is now the same as in the Bronze level, we simplified the conditions of the Silver level by unifying them with the rules which were already applied in case of IdoSell Booking.

Currently, the Silver level provides with access to admin panels of the customers who agreed to make it available. Therefore, if you take care of your selected customers, you can still do it the same way. This change will allow more companies to become our Silver level partner.

Other changes and Terms and Conditions

In other aspects, the Affiliate Program remains without major changes. We believe that the new direction is good, which is confirmed by opinions with a group of new partners who will start functioning in the program once new conditions are introduced. However, we encourage you to ask questions if something bothers you.

The full version of the new document is available here:

Terms and Conditions of the IAI Affiliate Program.