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IdoBooking Channel Manager has been awarded Premier Connectivity Partner status for another consecutive year

'Channel Manager IdoBooking - the module responsible for syncing offers and reservations with OTAs - has once again received one of the highest industry acknowledgments from - Premier Connectivity Partner status. It is worth mentioning that despite the extension of the 2020 program - due to very difficult circumstances for both hoteliers and connectivity providers - IdoBooking has met all the conditions to get the Premier status 3 months before the deadline.

What is the Connectivity Partner Program? works with hundreds of Channel Manager providers around the world - each supplier participates in a special annual Connectivity Partner Program. Depending on the number of connected properties, quality of connection, and technology sophistication, companies are classified into one of 3 tiries - Stnadard, Advanced, and, the highest, Premier.

Partners in the Premier category are the highest rated providers, offering the most stable and advanced connections. Before choosing Channel Manager, it's a good to check what quality of service and range of features your provider offers. You can do it by logging into's Extranet - in the Account > Connectivity Providertab, you will find a list of preferred partners and details of their integration scopes.

What makes IdoBooking different?

As Channel Manager with the Premier status, our company can boast of special results in spheres such as:

  • Business Value - we are among the providers that connect the highest number of new properties and offer a seamless synchronization process, without unnecessary delays.
  • Properties' performance - hoteliers and property managers using the IdoBooking connection have above-standard sales results - this ratio reflects how the provider helps its partners increase revenue and conversions by sharing tips and implementing new tools to maximize revenue.
  • Products and Quality - we offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of functionalities, allowing you to control many settings directly in your IdoBooking dashboard, without having to log into the Extranet (including creating new rate plans, synchronization of length of stay discounts, marking stay changes, reporting invalid card details, reporting no-shows, syncing Opportunity Center and more).
  • Engagement - we are in ongoing contact with, which allows us to actively participate in the development of the integration, as well as gain industry knowledge that we can pass on to our customers.

We are very pleased that in 2020 we not only managed to maintain our status as's Premier Partner, but also did so ahead of schedule. In what has been an extremely tough year for all of us, we haven't slowed down and have been doing our best to implement tools to increase your sales. We encourage you to stay tuned for more news on our Blog.

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