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New Price List

1st February 2012 brings a new Price List, which will be indefinitely effective and mandatory from this day.

One new service is being introduced in the new Price List:

  • Second, mobile version of shop page. For only 2,25GBP / 2,60EUR you can turn on - with only one click - a mobile version of your shop page. All this without the need to install an additional store. Also the new features of a mobile store will show up, but we will disclose further details in the near future, so stay tuned.

In addition, we have modified slightly the prices of two services provided so far:

  1. Price of the DEDICATED CLOUD 2 subscription plan has changed to 289 GBP / 339EUR - this change is motivated by increasing prices of more and more technically sophisticated servers we are currently using. The price of DC1 had been changed in the former Price List, but we missed the DC2 plan. Prices of the DC4 and DC8 stay on the same level.
  2. Price of prolongation of the IAI POS license key has changed to 99GBP / 119EUR - this change is motivated by increasing costs of work in Poland, and we had not taken under consideration - during our works on the former Price List - how much time is being consumed by technical support provided to the IAI POS users, which is also calculated in price of the license prolongation.

Current Price List can be found on page: