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New Price List and Terms and Conditions

New price list and terms and conditions will be indefinitely effective and mandatory from 1st January 2012.

  • The main change is a slight overhaul of some of the prices - the price of DEDICATED CLOUD 1 (10? / 10?) and additional charge for exceeding the limit of visits in CLOUD subscription plan (by 6 penses / 2 cents) have been slightly raised
  • We haven't changed the cost of training performed in the IAI headquarters. The price remains at the same level as it was before - 25? / 28,5? - because we think, that we should invest in development of your companies and employees. The same as you do.
  • We have decreased the fee for installation of additional shop to an already-existing panel by 50% - to a level of 25? / 28,5?.

The new services have been added:

  1. A new DEDICATED CLOUD 8x2 subscription plan has been introduced - it is a service implemented on two servers working with load balancing being turned on. The new year will bring a special subpage, containing more detailed information about this subscription plan. It is an offer prepared especially for those companies, that plan to support a really heavy traffic on their sites and want to keep a high reliability of services (if one server is down, the second is still fully operational).
  2. A new travel training has been introduced to the price list.

More information can be obtained on the following pages:

New price list will be mandatory for new and present customers from 1st January 2012.