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New Price List with SMS service introduced

4th April 2012 brings a new Price List of the service. We have not decided to apply the standard one-month period, because changes introduced in it cover only new services, unavailable until now. Brief summary of changes can be found below:

  • The most important change is introduction of SMS services to foreign customers in very attractive prices. From now on, it does not matter in which country our customers operate or our customers' customers are - just send them cheap SMS. Service is available in EU, USA, Canada and Australia - in all of countries in which the service is available.
  • You can now order migration to a dedicated server or change in its parameters in Express mode. From now on, customers that have not anticipated i.e. sudden increase of traffic on their shop pages will be able to migrate to a faster machine.
  • E-mail Marketing Pro service has been introduced - for a small monthly fee of 2,25£ / 2,60€ (CLOUD) or 10£ / 12€ (DEDICATED CLOUD) you will be able to utilize a number of very advance e-mail marketing features, such as personalized newsletters or auto-responders.
  • Export Generation Pro service is now available for only 6,25£ / 7,5€ a month. It allows to manually set hour of offer generation for price comparers or other recipients of your IOF/CSV files and even for generating it multiple times a day at indicated hours.

Not all of the aforementioned services will be immediately introduced. Only two first services are available from 4th April 2012. Two other will be introduced in 6 weeks.

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