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New Terms&Conditions and IdoSell Shop Price list effective from 1st October 2016

Keeping the terms of introducing new prices included in the IdoSell Shop Agreement, we would like to present new Price List and Terms&Conditions with one month in advance. Both documents apply from 1st October 2016.

The most important changes along with their explanation and its meaning can be found below.

Migration to a higher plan without the requirement of the migration being accepted by the Client

In the Terms&Conditions, we have introduced the possibility of migration of the IdoSell Shop Client to a higher subscription plan without the requirement of the Client's agreement. Until now, the Terms&Conditions have not given us such option and even if we saw that it had a negative impact on a Client's shop and sale, server capacity was insufficient or there were too many surcharges (for example due to a big marketing campaign), we could not help and change the plan to a higher one which would be sufficient for the Client's needs. Such policy change has been introduced in order to prepare us and our Clients for the end of year's traffic increase when a lot of Clients need dynamic response to changing business needs.

The migration will be performed following certain rules, so that our Clients feel secure:

  1. If the CLOUD Subscription Plan turns out to be too expensive (due to surcharges)
  2. If a server is overloaded and a Client has more orders in a shop than it is maximally recommended, for example for DC2 it is 4500 orders. Only if the two conditions are met, so the Client has more orders than recommended and the server is overloaded, we will inform about the migration to a higher plan and, at the same time, we will proceed with the upgrade, without waiting for the Client's confirmation.

More space for own files in exchange for surcharges

We have presented limits for disk space in the Price List for a long time. We have never really restricted it, providing as much space as it was necessary. It was also not clear what data we have in mind. From now on it is explained that the data include i.a. pictures, mp3, video, pdf etc so files which really influence the disk space in a shop. The available disk space can be checked in the Administration Panel, under REPORTS AND FINANCES / WWW and API statistics / Used disk storage. The available space is not affected by any data the Client has no control over, such as the underlying database, file cache, system files, etc. The limits have not changed, so the limits of the subscription plans are 10GB in CLOUD and 100GB in DEDICATED CLOUD which should be more than enough for most of our Clients.

The Clients who sell digital files and need more disk space (for which links to external storage cannot be applied because they sell video or ebooks and don't want to make them available for all) can now use as much space as they need (without asking for it) for 075€ or 0,65£ per each started GB over the limit. All files are held on disk arrays which provide full archiving and safety of Enterprise.

Subscriptions in the place of Supporting Applications licenses

New rules of Supporting Application fees which from now on are available for subscription periods which gives more freedom and cut the costs for smaller shops. We have changed the form of licenses for IAI POS and IAI Bridge. Instead of license keys valid for one year we will now offer cheaper subscriptions, restricted to one instance of the application. Of course, all current keys will still be valid. The Clients who use Bridge or POS will change from a license key to a subscription after their currently used license key terminates.

These new rules equal lower costs for Clients who use IAI POS only in one point of sale or IAI Bridge only with one external program or database. Subscription is cheaper and more convenient in planning expenses than a license key which must be bought one year in advance for a year. Clients who have not yet started using the applications will be able to test them easier and will have freedom in ordering and using the subscription. It is even possible to use the full version of the application for 30 days for free if a Client needs to test it.

One of the most important changes is that the license system will make it impossible to assign more than one IAI POS Server to one warehouse. Such operation was forbidden under the risk of losing the technical support in case of any problems. From now it will be technically blocked. The same rule applies to IAI Bridge and assigning it to more than one warehouse-management system database.

From now on, license keys are not sold. Launching of the program activates the subscription. The first 30 days of subscription for the first instance of the program are free of charge. After that period, if the Client does not resign from subscribing, we commence with charging. The subscription can be ceased if needed. Please note the change between the subscription and the license key sold for a period of one year - active subscription will generate cost until it is deactivated. Until now, there was a need to remember to purchase the license key every time the last license key had expired. There was no automatic charging for the new license key.

We also wish to announce, that in future, we plan to offer all supporting applications in form of subscriptions and to stop offering license keys.

Changes in implementation packages

Prices of the implementation packages have been adjusted to reflect closer a price of a one work hour of implementation services. Simultaneously, we added absolutely free of charge 10% more time in the packages which is dedicated to managing the project (Project Management and business communications). We can thus offer the quality that our most demanding clients wish to receive for much lower price than digital agencies offering similar quality of implementations.

We also changed the prices of certain subscription fees to some extent.

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