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The on-line stores can now sell their products on Amazon!

Amazon The has been a pioneer in gaining new markets for its customers since the very beginning. We were the first company in Europe, that offered full integration with all auction sites of both Allegro Group (Central Europe) and all eBay (worldwide) sites. Today new big player joins those two. It's the long-waited Amazon. To be exact, it's Amazon Marketplace, where on-line stores can share their offers. The integration is two-way and available for all our stores. It doesn't matter, whether you sell from the UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany or Poland.

This information should be particularly helpful for our customers and partners from the UK and the Republic of Ireland, because we focused our attention on the British version of Amazon (and so all other European Amazons). In next few weeks we will implement full support for Amazons in all countries, in which the brand operates. Amazon Marketplace is a dedicated place for on-line stores. This is why we eliminated all troubles, that can accompany selling on auctions. So you do not need to worry about re-listing auctions and other unnatural and unnecessary operations. Products available in store are also available on Amazon. Products that run out, are not visible on Amazon. It's simple as that.

Integration with Amazon required using complex and very costly tools. From now on, using single system, you can sell on all Allegro auction portals, list auction on eBay sites and products on Amazon Marketplace. All for a low monthly fee.

More information about the integration can be found on "Integration of the on-line stores with Amazon Marketplace" page and subpages.