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We introduce 16-core processors to DEDICATED CLOUD plans

From the 1st March 2013 we have a new price list. Main change is introduction of new subscription plans - 16-core DC16 and multi-server plans, DC16x2 and DC16x3.

DC8x3 and DC8x4 plans were removed from price list. The same and higher computing powers are offered in cheaper DC16 plans. For example, DC8x3 plan had only 24 cores. Now, in price exactly the same, customers can utilize the computing power of 32 cores in DC16x2 plan.

For customers with lower needs, we kept the DC8x2 plan with the same price. Customers can now freely decide, whether they want to have the same computing power provided by 2 servers, which will be more expensive (£1239 / 1419€), or one (which won't provide all functionalities, e.g. HA), but at lower price (£999 / 1139€).

Full price list be - as always - downloaded from Detailed price list of the service page.