Smart on-line store - growing as your business grows

You can use our system whether your trade volume is low or high - it really makes no difference to us and our software platform!

IdoSell gives you unlimited possibilities for running an on-line store. When using our system, you can easily add any number of products, make ordering procedures more efficient and convenient for your customers.

Scalability is the ability to use the same solution to different scales of single occurrence. IdoSell is definitely a scalable system. Its unique architecture exclusively created by IAI engineers makes it ten times more efficient than the solutions offered by other companies. Transparent and solid architecture and possibility of installing many on-line stores to single Administration Panel - this feature allows for the construction of various, even very large projects.

Only our engineers are able to install IdoSell system and manage its environment - it is basis for our system reliability. We do not have to wonder whether the clients will be able to launch such an advanced system on their servers - we do it for them. IdoSell and server operating system are fully integrated.

Key features:

  1. You can use our system whether your trade volume is low or high. Thanks to this feature, when you're occupied by rapidly growing company, you do not have to look for new system to sustain your growth. You only need to order the [/uk/shop/licenses_dedicated-cloud DEDICATED CLOUD], [/uk/shop/licenses|subscription plan] to ensure far better computing power for your IdoSell.
  2. You can freely run an on-line store. You can customize all settings to your business profile. There are no restrictions on achieving maximum profit from sales. When using IdoSell, you can sell clothes, shoes, groceries, car parts, engraved pendants for animals etc.
  3. [/uk/shop/multiple-shops You can manage any number of on-line stores from one single Administration Panel.] If you wish to open an additional shop, you do not need to hire additional staff. Simply purchase a new mask for new on-line store, and all management procedures will be performed as easy as for a single store and exactly in the same manner. One of our clients is a real champion in this discipline - he runs 12 on-line stores installed to single Administration Panel.
  4. You can service any number of clients. Performance tests have shown that it is possible to service even 100 000 customers. When other systems break down after the registration of 5 000 transactions, IdoSell did not even slow down after registering 50 000 transactions! This is the end of periodic archives deletions.
  5. You can sell wherever you want and how much you want. IdoSell is integrated with Internet auction sites (such as eBay), price comparers (such as or Moreover, using our system, [/uk/shop/b2b_offer You can handle both retail sale and wholesale.] IdoSell is a veritable headquarter of your virtual business. One click and you get access to any information you want within couple of seconds.
  6. You can simultaneously handle any number of orders and create user accounts for your employees in order to ensure a proper group work. Our clients have proven that handling 200 orders a day can be more efficient than 20 in other systems. Each employee increases productivity, because IdoSell supports group work. IdoSell allows employees to use the same tool to communicate between themselves. In addition, the mechanisms - such as serial handling of orders - enable the simultaneous completion of many orders and allow to print all necessary documents. This component allows employees to feel that work they perform is creative.
  7. Your customer can add any number of products to his order (you can set the limit using a proper option in the menu). You can offer extremely wide assortment. Performance tests have shown that our system has a reliable ability to work with the base of 100 000 products - while other systems can only work with up to 5,000.
  8. Each product item may contain a description (unlimited length, HTML editor available) and gallery with any number of photos. If you need to post 20 text pages describing the product, you can do it without any extra charge and additional activities.
  9. You can quickly access any information. You do not need to rewind subsequent pages to find something. Reliable tools (containing already prepared options) and extended search engines allows you to easily find what you need. And because IdoSell is an integrated system, information entered in one place automatically affects the other modules, e.g. when payment has been received, it is visible in every modules connected with payment operations.
  10. We do not limit data transfer volume and the number of dynamic page views. Our clients prove every day that it is possible to work with 100 000 000 dynamic page views and generate 200GB of monthly transfer! IdoSell is installed on a dedicated environment which are optimized to work with our software. Operating system becomes an extension of our platform, not a competitor who steals resources. It is an end of often appearing information: data transfer limit has been exceeded.

If you want to check if that is all true, order a [/uk/shop/demo demo version.]