Information on dates of period and Supervisory Board reports publication

The IAI Company's one of the main principles is information transparency and availability. Please keep track of our reports. Here, on this website, You can also find the Supervisory Board reports.

Here is the schedule of period reports published in 2010. Reports were publicized on the following dates:

  1. Quarterly Report for the fourth quarter of 2009 - 15/02/2010 ([/ir-news.phtml?id=1235323386 See the report]),
  2. Quarterly report for the first quarter of 2010 - 14/05/2010 ([/pr-press-release.phtml?id=1235323431 See the report]),
  3. The annual report for 2009 - 31/05/2010 ([/pr-press-release.phtml?id=1235323447 See report]) (the original date of May 27, 2010 See the message on publication date change),
  4. A meeting for investors and shareholders of IAI will be part of "the 2nd leg Members" 2 July 2010 ([/pr-press-release.phtml?id=1235323442 Find out more]),
  5. Annual General Meeting - Szczecin, 28 June 2010, at 12:00 ([/pr-press-release.phtml?id=1235323449 See more information]),
  6. Monthly Report for June 2010 - 07/13/2010 ([/pr-press-release.phtml?id=1235323479 See the report]),
  7. Monthly Report for July 2010 - 09/08/2010 ([/pr-press-release.phtml?id=1235323495 See the report]),
  8. Quarterly Report for the second quarter of 2010 - 08/13/2010 ([/pr-press-release.phtml?id=1235323501 See the report])
  9. Monthly Report for August 2010 - 08/09/2010 ([/pr-press-release.phtml?id=1235323514 See the report]),
  10. Monthly Report for September 2010 - 08/10/2010 ([/pr-press-release.phtml?id=1235323535 See the report])
  11. Monthly Report for October 2010 - 11/08/2010 ([/pr-press-release.phtml?id=1235323553 See the report]),
  12. Quarterly Report for the third quarter of 2010 - 11/12/2010 ([/ir-news.phtml?id=1235323559 See the report]),
  13. Monthly Report for December 2010 - 12/08/2010 ([/pr-press-release.phtml?id=1235323580 See the report]),
  14. A meeting for investors, customers and the media with the Company CEO, Paweł Fornalski, took place on 15 December 2010 in Radom, on the free RadomIT conference.
  15. A meeting for investors, customers and the media with [/ir-news.phtml?id=1235323576 CEO, Paweł Fornalski, took place on 16 December 2010 in Warsaw on the free Aula Polska conference].

Any changes of dates of period reports publication were announced in a current report.

Reports can be also traced on the NewConnect website.

Current information on the Company can be also followed on our FACEBOOK profile. Enjoy!

Annual report on the activities of the Board:

Report on the activities of the Supervisory Board in 2009 was adopted on Supervisory Board meeting that took place on 2 June 2010 (Resolution 5 / 2010) and the Annual General Meeting on 28 June 2010 year.