Electronic signature lets you save your time and money and the planet as well

IAI always applies the procedures of minimum formalities and wants to make the life of entrepreneurs as simple as possible. We don't like to waste our time on trivial but time-consuming procedures ourselves, therefore we offer the chance to use the electronic signature.

Why is using an electronic signature worth the while?

The answer is very simple: it speeds up the flow of documents significantly and makes your life easier. There is no need to print everything on paper, waste time and money on postage and then to wait for the return of documents. Moreover, it is much easier to catalogue and search electronic documents stored on your computer. Thanks to this solution we can save time, money and the environment.

It is hard to believe how few institutions such as hosting companies, online payment services or banks accept an electronic signature. They often require a scan of an identity card from their customers, which is not the best way of verification and poses a danger of data leakage. IAI always looks ahead. We do not want to copy such ineffective procedures and therefore we offer you the chance of using an electronic signature.

Electronic signature identifies the signer, who was previously verified at the moment of issuing the signature. Each electronic signature is connected with a cryptographic card and secured with a unique PIN code. For this reason, unauthorized people will not be able to use your electronic signature.

Obviously, we accept documents signed by hand and sent to us by mail. However, we look ahead and try to bring the latest solutions into effect. Only valid electronic signatures are used and accepted by IAI

Which IAI documents can be signed electronically?

Reducing unnecessary bureaucracy to the lowest possible level, we require a minimum of formalities while contacting our client. Only the most crucial issues need a formal confirmation.

We have prepared the most frequently used forms for the convenience of our customers. These are:


  • [/uk/shop/terms/agreement/ Agreement form]
  • [/uk/shop/terms/cession/ Cession of contract form]
  • [/uk/shop/terms/resignation/ Termination of contract form]


  • [/pl/booking/terms/agreement/ Agreement form]
  • [/pl/booking/terms/cession/ Cession of contract form]
  • [/pl/booking/terms/resignation/ Termination of contract form]

IAI Affiliate Program:

  • [/uk/corp/affiliate/terms/ Agreement, terms and conditions]

All files are editable documents in PDF format. Each of them can be signed electronically.

We also grant our customers written licenses for logos. These documents may be also signed electronically.

How are electronically signed documents sent?

The standard form of contacting the customer is our Ticketing System. We send and receive electronically signed documents using this method. You just need to attach a document signed electronically (preferably in PDF format) to your ticket.

How can an electronic signature be verified?

There are many freeware programs used to verify electronic signatures. You can easily find them by means of a search engine.