Contact regarding Affiliate Program

For those interested

If you are not an IAI Affiliate Program yet, contact us at and send your questions, or write to arrange a phone call or Skype, during which we will gladly answer your questions, we will present full cooperation opportunities and advise on how to make the best use the possibilities we offer.

For partners

If you have an active in IAI Affiliate Program account, please contact us through the tickets available after logging into the partner panel. In case of problems with logging in, please contact the IdoSell or IdoBooking sales department. Introduce yourself and provide the company name.

Additionally, as an IAI Affiliate Program, you can contact the IdoSell and IdoBooking support hotlines. During the conversation, introduce yourself not with the data of the customer for whom you provide the service, but with the name of your partner company. Thanks to this, the arrangements with you as a partner do not have to be visible to the customer.

IAI Affiliate Program Contact

telephone: +48 91 443 66 00