IdoBooking Partner Search Engine API documentation

Due to Booking Partner API you can receive information about the current and actual accomodation availability in locations which have chosen you as a Booking Partner. IdoBooking Partner Search Engine API enables checking if a given location has got accomodation that fits selected parameters. Thanks to this solution each IdoBooking Partner can create own mechanism of searching booking offers on the website.

The Booking Bridge Search Engine API consists of code that you must insert in your accommodation-offer aggregator. Search engines provide information about customer ID's that you can link to your customer database to quickly show offers meeting search criteria directly on your website.

In order to ensure security for the submitted data, the API is accessed via a secured connection. The primary security measure is an authentication mechanism used every time a gateway is called. Only IdoBooking customer offers that are shown via a specified Booking Partner will be returned in response.

The IdoBooking API is available to all IdoBooking partners for free and doesn't require any additional activation.

Search capabilities include vacancy information:

  • for specified dates,
  • for a specified number of people,
  • for a specified location,
  • for a specified IdoBooking customer.

Full developer documentation:
plik Download full IdoBooking API documentation