IAI Affiliate Program - Booking Partner

By receiving Booking Partner status you can also earn from selling your clients' offers via IdoBooking and provide your services.

affiliate program Booking Partner is for IAI Affiliate Program running online accommodation-offer aggregators. Services/tourist portals/travel agencies usually aggregate accommodation offers online and collect fees from the accommodation facilities whose offers they aggregate. Online services with Booking Partner status can include an IdoBooking booking calendar (widget) on their sites. Booking Partners will earn a commission at a specified rate for every reservation made at an accommodation facility available on the Booking Partner portal. The only condition is that the facility confirm its agreement to such a commission. You can do this in the admin panel.

How Booking Partners can make money

Booking Partners make money by adding on their own additional commission for using IdoBooking on their portal. We always take the same amount - 1% for each reservation. For example, a partner might add 5% for each reservation. This way, they don't have to limit their revenues to only fixed fees for publishing customers' offers.

If a customer previously bought IdoBooking via another partner, a Booking Partner can still earn additional commission for traffic on their portal, provided that the customer decides to use the Booking Partner portal.

Benefits of obtaining Booking Partner status:


You can combine Booking Partner status with the Bronze Level to earn more when your customers deploy your portal.
Also, if a partner provides other tourist-related services, they can add them to the services for customers who are using IdoBooking. Just notify us if you want to provide External Services.